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    1. Western Machinery ElectricWestern Machinery Electric


      Western Machinery Electric and Generac partner to provide an impressive?array of American manufactured world class generation equipment to include Diesel, Natural Gas and LPG Generators in multiple configurations to meet applications from commercial complexes to industrial heavy industry and all in between.

      For over 50 years Generac has led the industry with innovative design and superior manufacturing. Generac’s sole focus is power generation, not trucking or transporation. That’s why they are the leader in power generation innovation, and quickly climbing the ladder as a world leader for power generation sales.?? Generac, teamed with WME’s full service support & laser focus, will provide the best fit system for your facility.

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      Diesel Sets 10kW – 2000kW

      Diesel Sets 10kW – 2000kW

      Gaseous Sets 35kW – 500kW

      Gaseous Sets 35kW – 500kW

      Bi-Fuel 500-600kW MPS

      Bi-Fuel 500-600kW MPS

      Mobile Power

      Mobile Power


      Western Machinery Electric has years of experience partnering with manufacturers from around the world.? WME is proud to partner with Yanmar as their manufacturing quality and experience is second to none.? Superior craftsmanship is required to get the best life cycle value for our customers and Yanmar delivers.? WME and Yanmar provide a quality energy system that will be a cornerstone for your buildings savings for years to come.

      Yanmar’s CHP systems are assembled at the company’s plant in Japan, with its U.S. headquarters in Georgia handling all marketing, sales, service and support functions for its US authorized dealers to include WME. There are over 5000 CHP systems installed in Japan and these quality systems are available and being installed in the US.? Yanmar is recognized as a premier engine-builder and manufacturers products in the marine, construction equipment, compact tractor, industrial engine and energy systems categories with over 6 billon dollars in sales annually world wide. Currently celebrating its 100th year of operation, Yanmar is a recognized global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced performance diesel engines and diesel-powered equipment for a multitude of market segments.

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      Yanmar CP5WN


      Yanmar CP10WN


      Yanmar CP35D1



      Whether you require back up generation, energy efficient cogeneration or quality distribution, we deliver.